Complex credit insurance programmes

Our analysis starts with understanding our client’s business model. We fully acknowledge that every industry is characterised by specific circumstances, and further that our client is specifically positioned within its industry. As a broker, we always put the interests of our clients first and design bespoke solutions that best fit our clients’ specific needs, spanning credit management procedures, profitability targets, buyer relationship management, and, most importantly, risk appetite and client perceptions.

We are specialised in credit insurance programmes and serve clients regardless of size. In our field, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and we always invest considerable time in optimising the credit insurance programme design. Our credit insurance programmes span simple plain-vanilla through to complex global programmes. As our competitive edge lies in our deep understanding of organisations and underwriters, such that we can advise on the optimal combination of centrally-governed global solutions, customed to local markets.

Our programmes provide cover for work-in-progress, non-delivery of prepaid goods; safeguard significant degrees of freedom in negotiations in cases where buyers deteriorate in their financial soundness; include multi-layer covers from various carriers; and redesign risk exposures according to our clients’ risk capacities.

We are proud that our clients benefit significantly from a combination of our theoretical and modelling knowledge and our extensive practical hands-on experience. Apart from being a specialised credit insurance broker, we design captive solutions and solve complex and demanding credit risk exposures in a number of alternative ways. We invite you to come speak with us for advice.

We strive to build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and to support our clients to the highest level. We continuously monitor the programme and make appropriate adjustments when needed. We can in our own capacity offer effective debt collection procedures and claims management when a buyer of our client defaults on its obligations.

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