The Uncertain Economic Outlook for the EU

As the EU charts its course through turbulent economic waters, the latest Winter Interim Forecast prepared by the European Commission this February paints a dull picture of the road ahead. Growth projections have been slashed, and inflationary pressures linger, threatening to derail hopes of a swift recovery. Lastly, insolvencies are at the pre-pandemic levels, signaling [...]

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Alpha Credo’s Economic Review: Clouds above Europe

The Eurozone entered a technical recession throughout the winter, according to data compiled by Eurostat. The contraction of 0,1% in the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 is of course negligible. Nevertheless, the contraction indicates that Europe's economy is cooling down. With persisting inflation, increasing interest rates, and ongoing war at [...]

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Panel on institutional aspects of effective pension savings held by Dr. Aleš Berk Skok, partner at ALPHA CREDO

On Monday, 21.03.2023, Aleš Berk Skok, partner at Alpha Credo Ltd., held a panel discussing institutional aspects of effective pension savings. The event was organised by Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije and Združenje družb za upravljanje investicijskih skladov – GIZ (ZDU GIZ). To find out more about the event please visit the following website. Photo source: Gospodarska [...]

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Tackling Energy Costs and Inflation

Energy costs and inflation have been widely discussed in the business world recently. Both have reached levels that seemed unprecedented a few years ago. Data shows that households and businesses were both impacted by rising energy costs. In this article, we will explore how energy prices and inflation will continue to persist throughout 2023. We [...]

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The Two Errors in the EU’s Energy Market

The European Union is highly dependent on the influx of energy resources from Russia. Be it petroleum, crude oil or natural gas, Russia is the partner the EU relies the most on. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine relationship between the two nations deteriorated swiftly. As a result, the EU's energy markets have [...]

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Europe in Turmoil

After more or less successfully overcoming the COVID pandemic, Europe has a war on its doorstep. Governments are rushing to implement sanctions against Russia that aim to put an end to military combat in Ukraine as soon as possible. European companies and households are already feeling the consequences of the implemented sanctions by steep energy [...]

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ALPHA CREDO: EU Bankruptcy Overview

Overview Statistics compiled by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, show that the EU area has quite a volatile quarter on quarter bankruptcy declarations growth. Chart, constructed by ALPHA CREDO, shows that in some quarters, bankruptcy declarations surpassed even a 20% quarter on quarter growth. If we focus on the most recent data, [...]

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New Year Wishes from ALPHA CREDO

Dear Friends, 2021 was a turbulent year, full of  new challenges and impediments to be overtaken. At ALPHA CREDO we were honored by your trust and the ability to support you along the way. Focused on the upcoming year, we are determined to build our relationships even stronger. Therefore, let's step into the new year [...]

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Economic Outlook 2022: Farewell COVID?

In 2022 we will (hopefully) not be focusing on COVID impacts anymore. That probably does not hold for third-world countries. These economies will most likely be battling COVID till the end of 2023. A positive GDP outcome is expected for 2021 and 2022 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Supply and demand imbalances will continue [...]

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EU Steel Market – Recovered

A sharp decline in output in 2020 was followed by a steep growth which will most likely continue throughout 2021 and 2022 in the EU steel market. Most important consumers of steel such as the construction industry, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and home appliances increased their outputs when compared to 2020. Uncertainty and risks however [...]

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